Splice Giveaway Winners

December 14, 2010

Congratulations to the following four readers of Liminal Vision who have won themselves each a copy of Splice, which is available to purchase on both DVD and Blu-ray today, Wednesday December 15 through Madman Entertainment.

  • Matthew Crompton
  • Martin Steers
  • Sarah Ward
  • Joe Kim

Written by Tara Judah for Liminal Vision.

Popcorn vs Choc Top

July 19, 2010

It’s almost time. Time for all the film geek boys and girls to leave the safety and comfort of their home theatre systems and brave the light of day (don’t worry, it’s winter so with any luck it’ll at least be overcast), and venture all the way into town (past sporting arenas, nightclubs, bars, and other such places that I hear people who prefer social interaction to mediated experiences of life frequent) for the most coveted cinematic event in Melbourne: this year’s MIFF.

But first you must make a choice (as if selecting a limited number of screenings to attend weren’t hard enough) and pledge your allegiance to your favourite movie snack. That’s right, movie snack. You ought to already know that this year’s official MIFF trailer is a They Live (1988) alleyway style battle between  the two loveable rogue MIFF movie mascots, Popcorn and Choc Top. In fact, unless you’ve managed to somehow stay away from social networking sites for the past few days then you must have noticed their popping up all over the likes of twitter and facebook.

Personally, I don’t even see it as a contest. Popcorn vs Choc Top? Pfft. Allow me to provide you with five simple but sound reasons why Choc Top is clearly preferable to Popcorn.

  1. Popcorn is crunchy and as such constitutes a noisy cinema snack. You gonna take popcorn with you when you go see Au Hasard Balthazar next Friday? I didn’t think so.
  2. Popcorn kernels are often hard and fibrous causing ‘bits’ to get stuck between your teeth. You gonna spend the hour following your screening of Enter The Void in the bathroom flossing or in the pub with your friends (talking it through therapy style)?
  3. Having served my time as a cinema usher back in the day I am privy to what goes into making both popcorn and choc tops and I can’t speak for everyone but I’d rather a movie snack that was made with love to one that was made with eerily yellow fat and salt components.
  4. The choc top is patriotic. No matter where you go in the world cinemas have popcorn, it’s standard. But only in the land of Aus (so far as I am aware at the time of publication anyway) can you get yourself a choc  top, it’s that special.
  5. Finally, if you’re with friends (or just sat near someone you want to strike up a little conversation with) then you’d have to at least offer if not share your popcorn. But even a date wouldn’t dare ask for a bite of your choc top.

So now that you’ve heard it from the Choc Top lover’s mouth, go and vote already!