She, A Chinese

August 5, 2010

Mei has never been more than five miles from her rural home in China. Her first “experiences” outside her home, though harrowing, only afford her character even greater strength and determination to flee. Searching for a better life, Mei journeys to London where everything is entirely different, and absolutely the same.

From simply trying to get by in poverty-stricken rural China to accepting illegal activities as her necessary financier, then fighting the infinite red tape of bureaucratic Old Blighty and ultimately accepting the alienation of her new life; not belonging to country, culture or diaspora; She, A Chinese (2009) offers one individual’s story which speaks for many; each of Mei’s encounters troubling and trying, leaving sadness and bitterness in their wake.

Beautifully shot, scored, and paced, She, A Chinese is an exceptionally well executed piece of contemporary cinematic realism, stunning and affective through its sombre tone and stark mise-en-scene. A subtly provocative film.


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