Morningshines. For Night.

July 22, 2010

If you don’t much care for the vast majority of what constitutes Australian TV comedy these days then you’re a) not alone and b) chances are, you actually have a sense of humour. Writer and Editor Stephen Scoglio and Producer Michael De Robbio are two individuals whose contempt for Australian TV comedy has reached breaking point and so they’ve taken it upon themselves to rectify the problem. The result is the genuinely funny, and often quite hilarious, Morningshines – “Australia’s first ever morning show for nights!”

The official launch for the program was held last night at Melbourne’s Loop Bar (and it ought to be said that their screening room, whilst small, houses some unbelievably comfortable sofas) where Episode 2 rather than Episode 1 was screened. Although this might sound like a strange decision it really only acted to further cement, in my mind at least, that the creators of the show are appropriately bonkers enough to have created a product that is as honest as it is left-field. And if there was remaining even a fraction of doubt as to the sincerity of the project, a humble to the point of almost non-existent introduction to the screening only further confirmed my suspicions that the show would be anything but contrived.

And it wasn’t. Morningshines consists of a series of studio skits performed by “Steve and Mike” who are satiristically posited as incompetent television hosts intercut with a healthy number of sketches that act as “segments” in its parodic “morning show” format. Clearly influenced by the likes of Armando Iannucci, Chris Morris and Alan Partridge; the humour is simultaneously sharp, ballsy and self-effacing. A welcome change to the typical trite you see on terrestrial tele, Morningshines is fresh and dynamic and I highly recommend tuning in when it airs.

Morningshines will air Fridays at 10pm from August 6 2010 on Channel 31. Click here  to watch the official teaser trailer.


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